The story of Cornerstone Partnership could be put down to a leap of faith and dare we say it, fate. After working with each other for a couple of years in high pressure corporate roles, our 2 directors, Gavin Mullaley & Dean Starr, bumped into each other at a property auction, where it turned out they were bidding on the same property! Rather than enter in a bidding war, they decided to team up and use this as a ‘trial run’ see how they could work together in a property environment.


Cornerstone Partnership is an evolution of this first joint property purchase and the shared passion for helping others. Gavin’s faith as a Christian and Dean’s knowledge of property came together to focus on providing social housing to society’s most vulnerable. Our aim is to ease pressures on local housing waiting lists and significantly decrease local authority expenditure on hotel and B&B emergency accommodation, working with local authorities and charities to do so.


At the time of writing, Cornerstone Partnership has delivered 80 properties in the West Midlands, supporting over 300 families and delivering over £650,000 worth of savings which would have otherwise been spent on hotels, hostels and B&Bs. Our team has grown from 2 to 7 in under 18 months, evolving into a collective mission to have a significant positive impact in ending homelessness. We want to deliver a MINIMUM 1,000 properties within 10 years. 


The scale of the homelessness crisis in the UK is shameful. The level of rough sleepers in major cities, coupled with the ‘hidden’ and statutory homeless, is deeply concerning. Another concern is that homelessness isn’t ‘fashionable’. It’s focus within the media and our society is infrequent at best – now and then we hear some shocking stats or click bait headlines, but then the conversation stops again until the next shock stat is published. We are committed to always keeping the conversation going, consistently raising awareness, sharing knowledge, and showing others how they can make a difference.














Beds Made



1000 HOMES
BY 2035





Dean Starr


Joined: 2016

Key Responsibilities: Investment,

Property Strategy, Business Development

Did You Know: I can eat a Creme Caramel

in 5 seconds!

Carol Campbell

Chief Operations Officer

Joined: January 2020

Key Responsibilities: Business Operations, Team Leadership, Executing Business Goals

Did You Know: I was in a 90's Girlband!

Natalie Baglin

Finance Manager

Joined: June 2019

Key Responsibilities: Account Management, Cashflow Forecasting, Financial Processes

Did You Know: I was a Drummer in

a Steel Band!

Lynsey Webster

Business Manager

Joined: September 2018

Key Responsibilities: Managing & Coordinating Projects, Relationship Building, Refurbishment Logistics

Did You Know: I'm a qualified Dance Teacher!

Emilia Doyle

Business Administrator

Joined: September 2019

Key Responsibilities: Organising Property Schedules, Booking Viewings, Developing Business Processes

Did You Know: I love to travel!

Gavin Mullaley

Joined: October 2016

Key Responsibilities: Key Partnerships, Long Term Strategy, Social Mission

Did You Know: I'm a qualified Electrician!

Beth Davey

Property Manager

Joined: November 2018

Key Responsibilities: Repairs & Maintenance of Property Portfolio, HR,

New Property Purchases

Did You Know: I was a child prodigy Musician!

Joe Lloyd

Social Comms Manager

Joined: July 2019

Key Responsibilities: Social Media Strategy & Content, Videography,

PR & Brand Building

Did You Know: I'm a very strong Swimmer!

Beverly Mudimu

Project Manager

Joined: January 2020

Key Responsibilities: Project Management & Coordination, Property Sourcing & Research, Establishing New Partnerships

Did You Know: I can sing!

Cameron Dean

Maintenance Officer

Joined: November 2019

Key Responsibilities: Property Maintenance, Renovation work, Repairs 

Did You Know: I play American Football at Semi-Pro level!

“I am proud that my property is being used for

a social cause and helping a family who would otherwise

have nowhere to live.”


Martin Evans (Landlord)

02477 360103

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Cornerstone Partnership Limited is a company registered in England and Wales no. 10408974

Courtyard Barn, Middleton House Farm, Tamworth B78 2BD