Exploring Wilnecote Youth Centre | Exciting Project!

It’s something we’ve discussed on several Cornerstone Catch Ups and mentioned several times in various forms, but this week we were able to share a bit more thoughts and information regarding our potential development project at Wilnecote Youth & Community Centre in Tamworth.

We are currently going through the planning and approvals process for the regonaration of the site, bringing it back to the community, and making a new home for team Cornerstone Partnership!

The other half of the site is where things get really interesting though, where we hope to convert the space into 1 and 2 bedroom apartments that will be truly AFFORDABLE & UNIQUE Social Housing. There is also the scope to develop 8 new build properties, again at a social housing level.

This opportunity really does mean a lot to us, but none more so than one of our Directors & Co-Founder, Gavin. The Youth Centre was in fact his old play group and youth club, with several other members of the family attending too!

We’re obviously still early on in the journey, with a lot of obstacles and processes still to navigate, but this would be such an incredible achievement for us, and we believe a flagship project for Social Housing.

It’s something that will greatly benefit the local and wider community, whilst still keeping the heritage and beauty of the site in tact.

We’ll be sharing more updates and progress regarding the Youth Centre project via our official YouTube channel. Check out the first installment below. And hey, maybe even subscribe to us whilst you’re there! 😉

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