Resident story

Meghan and Ellie can finally put down roots

The events of the past 2 years have been a challenge for everyone – but imagine also having to present as homeless, have a baby, and break away from a turbulent relationship during this time. These are just some of the things Meghan has had to face in 2020.

After being unfairly evicted from her private rented property just before the first National lockdown in March; Meghan (and bump!), her partner, and her young daughter Ellie, approached Coventry City Council in need of emergency accommodation. They were quickly placed in a property on the outskirts of the city, before moving into one of our Temporary Accommodation properties a few weeks later.

But what makes our partnership with the City Council special is that we are also able to provide long-term affordable housing for families. These homes are provided at the Local Housing Allowance rate, making it truly affordable as income does not need to be found from additional sources to make up rents.

Meghan is one of our residents who has made that transition from short term to long term housing with us – a truly effective step forward in homelessness prevention. And it’s clear that Meghan very happy with the home she is now in.

“Our temporary accommodation property was good, but I really love being here now. It’s in a great area close to some of my family, with lots of local shops and places to walk. Ellie loves to go and feed the ducks! I’m really happy here to be honest, somewhere to call my own… I haven’t been settled in so long, it’s nice to now have that feeling.”

The home itself is a 2-bedroom, ground floor maisonette just a few miles outside of the City Centre. Meghan got straight to work in putting her stamp on the property, decorating the main rooms and adding that personal touch. Meghan: "I feel like I've put my own taste on it and made it more like home."

Transforming the property has been a welcome distraction for Meghan from an extremely challenging break up with her ex-partner. She has been so open with us from the outset of her residency, and the housing team have been instrumental in supporting her through this tough time.

“Oliver feels like a friend to me. If I need any help he’s there, and he has helped me through a really hard time. I’ve met the housing officer Chantelle a couple of times too and she’s really, really nice.”

Now that Meghan has had the time to make herself at home in the property, she is now looking to the future for her family. Her eldest daughter Ellie will be able to begin Nursery in the months ahead, and Meghan has plans to kick start her working life again and look for part time employment as the various restrictions of the pandemic are eased.

We’re delighted to have played a part in Meghan’s journey so far, and wish her and her beautiful family all the happiness and success for the future.

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