Meet The Team

Getting To Know The Team

Joined: 2016
Key Responsibilities: Raising Investment,
Overseeing Property Strategy, Business Development Projects
Did You Know: I’m an expert in contemporary dance!

Dean Starr

Joined: 2016
Key Responsibilities: Key Partnerships,
Long Term Strategy, Social Mission
Did You Know: I’m a qualified Electrician!

Gavin Mullaley

Joined: August 2020
Key Responsibilities: Team Leadership, Delivery of Growth Strategy, External Partnerships
Did You Know: I’ve met President Clinton & The Queen on Portsmouth dock!

May Read 
Head of Housing & Operations

Joined: November 2018
Key Responsibilities: Repairs & Maintenance of Property Portfolio
HR, New Property Purchases
Did You Know: I was a child prodigy Musician!

Beth Davey
Central Operations Manager

Joined: June 2020
Key Responsibilities: Property Sourcing & Acquisition, Agent Relationships, Strategic Development
Did You Know: I’m a trainee yoga teacher!

Maria Simpson 
Property Buyer

Joined: July 2019
Key Responsibilities: Social Media Strategy & Content,
Videography, PR & Brand Building
Did You Know: I’m a very strong Swimmer!

Joe Lloyd
Social Media & Marketing Manager

Joined: March 2020
Key Responsibilities:Tenancy Management & Coordination,
Property Logistics, Developing Key Partner Relationships
Did You Know: I’m obsessed with selfies!

Oliver Johnston
Social Lettings Manager

Joined: October 2020
Key Responsibilities: Tenancy Management & Support,
Visit Organisation & Administration, Assisting Process Development
Did You Know: I love to play Netball!

Chantelle Maybury 
Housing Officer

Joined: September 2019
Key Responsibilities: Organising Director’s Schedules,
Office Administration, Developing Business Processes
Did You Know: I love to travel!

Emilia Doyle
Executive Assistant

Joined: November 2019
Key Responsibilities: Property Maintenance,
Renovation work, Repairs
Did You Know: I play American Football
at Semi-Pro level!

Cameron Dean
Maintenance Officer

Joined: March 2020
Key Responsibilities: Overseeing all
maintenance projects,
Renovations, Logistics
Did You Know: I can still do a backflip!

Rob Perry
Maintenance Manager

Joined: July 2020
Key Responsibilities: Property Compliance, New Property Refurbishments, Admin & Process Management
Did You Know: I used to train racing Greyhounds!

Kate Buchan 
Central Ops Coordinator

Joined: May 2020
Key Responsibilities: Business Proposals, Finance Management, Project Analysis
Did You Know: I’m a MASSIVE Disney fan!

Faye Jones
Business Analyst

Joined: July 2020
Key Responsibilities: Company documents, Organising databases, Assisting with property viewings
Did You Know: I was a Dancer on a cruise ship (pre-covid)!

Rachel Clarke
Business Admin Apprentice

Joined: October 2020
Key Responsibilities: Office Support, File & Data Admins, Tenancy Processes
Did You Know: I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Izzy Holland 
Business Admin Apprentice

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