, Family Feedback Feels Fantastic
Over the past few weeks, probably the most rewarding part of our new partnership with Coventry City Council is the ability to hear and see first-hand the reaction of families that are moved in to one of our properties. We’ve always known that our work has a positive impact on these families and individuals, but we are now in a position to engage directly with these families.
Our Social Lettings Manager, Oliver, does a wonderful job at building up a relationship with our tenants throughout their time with us – making sure they feel safe and happy in our property. The initial check in process, when the family gets to see the property for the first time, has been particularly rewarding due to the reactions and comments we have been receiving from the families. We are starting to learn more about how they found themselves in a difficult situation, and how being in a Cornerstone Partnership property will impact their future.
We have started to share snippets of these stories across our social media platforms. Please stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as we continue to highlight these families and their incredible stories.
, Family Feedback Feels Fantastic
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