, COVID-19 and our working world
During these unpredicted times, many of us has been affect by the coronavirus crisis in more ways than one and continue to experience new challenges that await us each day. With the guidelines put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19 and encouragement from our government, as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO), to stay indoors and work from home – some of us are finding it more difficult than others.

As many of you know, last month I joined Cornerstone Partnership with hopes to accomplish my apprenticeship in social media and digital marketing, coincidentally, it was the same time that lockdown became mandatory and we were told to work from home.

Starting a new job is daunting enough without technology going berserk on your every command and running around your house for the strongest signal, more so when conducting pieces of work and your device goes ballistic and shuts down, to which I have endured my fair share of screaming into a pillow at this point!

Initially, it was difficult to settle into a working routine, as well as, managing the work load when you have so many distractions around you, but I had risen to the challenge and produced a strategic plan in order to overcome this issue. I characterized my day as if I were in the office and used my calendar to break down my “To-Do’s” that needed attending to throughout the week, spacing it out in a timely manner. This layout has proven to be efficient in structuring my week in terms of prioritising the importance of the tasks at hand, timing, deadlines, etc, and has undoubtedly made a huge impact in settling in and improved my work ethic. The team at Cornerstone Partnership has welcomed me with open arms and embraced me into their family to which I’m proud and grateful to be part of. ☺

The entire team have adapted well to our new working environment, and Cornerstone Partnership will always have a focused approach to dealing with any challenges. Video calls have replaced meetings (like everywhere else), but we have also found ways to keep the commitments to our partners moving forward as much as possible.

Virtual property viewings and handovers have taken place when possible, which has proven to be a great time saver whilst still meeting our requirements. Our maintenance team have been able to carry out essential property repairs and renovation work, adhering to social distancing measures and wearing recommended PPE when required. As we are housing vulnerable families, this is classed as essential works by the local authority –as long as we keep ourselves and those around us safe, we are able to continuing providing homes for those most in need.

But how have other homelessness organisations and support adapted to the pandemic? Food banks and shelters are a crucial life line to vulnerable people and their families who cannot provide the essential necessities. Those who volunteer at food banks and homeless shelters in the UK fear they cannot continue to run their businesses if they haven’t been given the appropriate guidance and support as the outbreak worsens.
Ultimately, this further leads to more problematic areas as, many people rely on these establishments but with the high demand on stock piling there is less resources left at a time when demands are on the increase.

After the unfunded request from the government last week, which also called for the closure of night shelters and street encampments, homelessness charities questioned whether fulfilling it would be feasible. But on Monday, charities were keen to stress that considerable progress had been made in a short space of time, with the national homelessness charity Crisis estimating that more than 4,200 people had been rehoused in England within a few weeks.

It’s impossible to predict how the coming weeks and months play out as we get through the other side of the COVID-19 crisis, but one thing is for sure, Cornerstone Partnership will continue to give our all and help as many people and families as possible. They need us now more than ever.

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