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A DOORWAY to New Partnerships! 👍

One of our 5 key focuses at Cornerstone Partnership is the PARTNERSHIP APPROACH – Working together collaboratively to deliver shared goals with shared responsibility. This was no doubt in full force for our recent project with Doorway Youth Homelessness Charity in...

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Exploring Wilnecote Youth Centre | Exciting Project!

It's something we've discussed on several Conrerstone Catch Ups and mentioned several times in various forms, but this week we were able to share a bit more thoughts and information regarding our potential development project at Wilnecote Youth & Community Centre...

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Celebrating Our 1st 100 Properties

Tuesday 30th June 2020 will go down as quite a momentous day for Cornerstone Partnership, as we officially handed over our 100th property into the service. Although Cornerstone was founded in 2016, it wasn’t until February 2018 that the 1st properties were put into...

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Family Feedback Feels Fantastic

Over the past few weeks, probably the most rewarding part of our new partnership with Coventry City Council is the ability to hear and see first-hand the reaction of families that are moved in to one of our properties. We’ve always known that our work has a positive...

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COVID-19 and our working world

During these unpredicted times, many of us has been affect by the coronavirus crisis in more ways than one and continue to experience new challenges that await us each day. With the guidelines put in place to stop the spread of Covid-19 and encouragement from our...

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Homelessness in the UK 2019/2020

Homelessness is a struggle we see locally and nationally; my question to you is how many people do you think are homeless in the UK? In the last year, more than 320,000 people have slept on the streets at least once, an estimate of 170,000 of those people are...

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